A friend of mine recently had major foot surgery to correct a structural abnormality that affected her legs and caused her great pain.

Through her physical therapy she is re-learning how to walk.  She is also developing a new relationship with her foot.

It simply doesn’t work the way it used to, and it’s sore, and it must be treated gently.  The foot needs to learn new habits, too.

Major life changes (marriage, birth, illness, death) and course corrections (divorce, remarriage) are like this.

The ways things used to work no longer work.   Even if they didn’t work perfectly in the past, there was a comfort and familiarity in the way they did work.

Even if the change is positive, some aspects of the new situation may be sore and need to be treated gently and with compassion.

There are parts of the new life that need to get used to you, to learn how to relate to you and how to work with you.

One of my friend’s exercises is simply leaning against the counter, standing on her ‘good’ foot and rocking her other foot gently back and forth, back and forth, without putting a lot of weight on it.

In addition to the physical exercise, it’s an exercise in getting to know the ‘new’ foot, and developing trust in it.

If you’re going through a major life change, there will be a discovery period, where you learn the new circumstances, and how to be with them.

Like my friend’s foot, don’t add undue weight or stress on them-or yourself.

Metaphorically rock back and forth, and develop trust in yourself and in them, knowing that you will walk, and run, and dance again.

May we pursue our paths, dealing gently with ourselves during major life changes,

Best wishes,