In my presentation “From Stress to Success”, attendees are sometimes surprised to learn that some kinds of stress may be good for them.

Eustress is a type of stress where people are engaged, motivated, and challenged to the right degree.  It can sharpen concentration, focus thinking, speed up the brain, and enhance memory.

It turns out that boredom (even if the person is very busy) can be as harmful to a body and mind as stress can be.

In a recent study in the journal Experimental Brain Research, the hearts and hormonal levels of people watching a boring movie (men hanging laundry!) showed greater stress than when they watched a sad movie.

The stress of boredom on the job can lead to problems as severe as those created by stress: calling in sick, excessive gossiping, taking overly long breaks, etc.

Ironically, if you believe stress is having an adverse effect on you, it enhances the negative effects.  In a famous London study, people who felt stress affected them a lot, had a 50% greater risk of dying from a heart attack—even after adjusted for biological, behavioral and psychological risk factors.

What is the right amount and kind of stress for you?

When does it cause you to perform better?

Is there a different way for you to interact with your stressors, so you can reap the benefits of increased concentration, focus, and an active, engaged brain?

May we pursue our paths, enjoying just the right amount and kind of stress,

Best wishes,