If you feel consistently cranky in a certain area, it’s a good bet that you aren’t getting a need met.

Often we feel embarrassed to admit we have needs at all.

However, there are needs that reflect the core of who we are.  If these needs languish unfulfilled, we live in perpetual lack, no matter how much we ‘man’ up and go on without them.

What do you need to be your best?

I know that I am at my best when I am involved in creating something personally meaningful that seems linked to a bigger purpose.  At different points in my life, that has been expressed through theatre, dance, and writing.  Creative expression is a core need for me.

I have a client who found it very hard to admit he needs approval.  He used to downplay it when he received it, because he didn’t want to seem as if he needed it.

Recently he admitted that approval was very helpful in keeping him motivated on the job.  And now his supervisor (who was confused with his on again/off again relationship with approval—did he want it or not?) is more than happy to verbalize her approval when he does a great job.

May we pursue our paths recognizing that fulfilling our true needs helps us express our best selves,