Therapists DeShazer and Lipchik came up with what they called “A Miracle Question” that you can use to find what you are missing in order to solve a challenge.

Imagine after a normal day you go home and fall asleep.  The next day you wake up to discover your problem has been solved.

What do you notice that tells you a miracle has occurred?

  • Has something practical happened, like finding or implementing a new system?
  • Have you achieved a new perspective on the problem, like not getting bogged down in detail?
  • Have you learned not to worry about it so much?
  • Have you learned to delegate more?

Another way to ask the question is: What would I do if all the obstacles disappeared?

Stepping outside the problem and allowing for the possibility of a solution is key.

Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

May we pursue our paths, asking the questions that allow us to overcome obstacles on our paths,

Best wishes,