I was very pleased to learn recently that Land O’Lakes is joining the ranks of innovative companies that offer meditation classes to their employees—along with McKinsey & Co, Lululemon, Wharton, Google, Drucker School of Management and various global banks.


According to Harvard Business School and INSEAD, Europe’s leading business school, the two most effective business tools for the twenty-first century will be meditation and intuition.


For example, research participants who spent just 15 minutes in “mindfulness” meditation, focusing on their breathing, were 77% more likely than others to resist the “sunk-cost bias,” or the tendency to stick with a less-than-optimal strategy simply because a lot of money had been sunk into it.


Other benefits of meditation include: reduced stress (most people face 12 decisions a day that provoke a fight or flight response); improved mental clarity, activation of whole-brain thinking, and synergistic leadership (leadership that’s adaptable to changing circumstances and people).


At a personal level, I can attest that the meditation and mindfulness techniques I practice and teach are the most powerful tools I know to overcome stress, and become a happier and more balanced individual.


May we pursue our paths, finding ways to return again and again to our most authentic selves,


Best wishes,