The Gallup Business Journal research has identified five basic types of wellbeing that are essential to most people:

  • Career-liking what you do everyday
  • Social-having strong relationships
  • Financial-effectively managing your finances
  • Physical-health/energy to get things done daily
  • Community-engagement with the area where you live

Gallup also found that those with the lowest wellbeing scores in all five categories cost lost productivity due to sick days to an amount of $28,800 per year.

On the other hand, thriving employees have 41% lower health costs to the employer.

How do employers create a culture that fosters wellbeing (and happy employees)?

Gallup research suggests the following:

Career-Connect work to a higher purpose and focus attention on employees’ strengths. When employees feel their work matters and that they’re valued, they tend to take advantage of employer wellness programs, which lead to further wellbeing.

Social-Provide mentors and coaches to help employees feel more engaged.  Use existing work networks to promote strong relationships. Encourage employees to develop strong relationships outside of work.

Financial-Compensation alone doesn’t guarantee financial wellbeing.  Offering retirement plans/planning and financial management programs can mitigate stress.  Encouraging employees to spend time/money on experiences, vs. possessions, is another.

Physical-In addition to wellness programs, employers can offer healthy food choices, on-site exercise facilities, incentives for healthy behaviors, and managers who truly care about their employees.

Community-If an organization invests in its employees and provides opportunities for employees to give back through volunteerism, the organization’s customers and community benefits.  Those who weighed this category on a par with the other categories experienced the highest levels of overall wellbeing.  It’s the difference between a good and a great life.

May we pursue our paths, cultivating all five areas of wellbeing,

Best wishes,