When I was doing yoga teacher training, I was encouraged to stretch to my ‘edge’.

The edge was a place in my body that felt a little uncomfortable but was not painful.

There is still an art in finding my edge.  Pushing too hard is definitely painful.  I need a certain amount of aerobic warming up before I can easily stretch.

When I prepare and stretch to the just the right amount, I have a sense of opening up, of creating extra space in my body that didn’t exist before I stretch.  And afterwards, I feel more relaxed.

It is ironic that the reward of stretching and some discomfort is ultimately greater relaxation and freedom in the body.

All of us are called to grow and stretch at different points in our life.  Life wants us to expand past self-imposed boundaries and to enjoy a greater sense of movement, relaxation, and freedom.

Where is life asking you to stretch?  What do you need to do to prepare?  Are you ready to tolerate some discomfort?  Are you ready for the discomfort to lead to greater movement and freedom?

May we pursue our paths, embracing our growing edges,

Best wishes,