Elizabeth Dickinson isn’t just a speaker — she’s an empowering guide. And her audience members aren’t just attendees — they’re pathfinders.

Elizabeth inspires, educates, and most importantly, empowers people by engaging their hearts and minds.

When you come to one of Elizabeth’s presentations, you and other attendees are invited to become participants. You will depart inspired and empowered to take action. You will leave knowing your next personal action steps.

Whether her topic is stopping stress, becoming a better leader, or simply living in a more authentic way, Elizabeth delivers impactful and lively information that motivates everyone to become 
the best version of themselves.

“I’ve worked with many presenters. Elizabeth’s presentation 
on managing stress was one of the most well-done presentations  I’ve participated in. Her content, audience engagement, and presentation style were outstanding.”
— Beth Neu, Director, Performance Excellence Network

“We look forward to working with Elizabeth again!”
— Dana Wheeler, Executive Director, Government Engineers Council

“After a year of being unhappy with my inability to achieve my goals, you made me get up and make the first step. Finally I’m doing something and not just tormenting myself. One day at a time. I just want to say thank you! Thank you for the words that finally made me move.”
— Tatyana Lederman

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