For Speaking:

Stephanie Menning, CAE, IOM, Energetic Women, Midwest Energy Association

“Elizabeth is an extraordinary and passionate leader who helps others pursue their best life both personally and professionally. She’s a great speaker and has a knowing wisdom, driven by experience and education, that helps audiences recognize opportunities and create their path forward.”

Nikki Abramson, Organizer, Women of Words Conference
“Elizabeth is a powerful and inspiring speaker who engages her attendees to think and dig deep into their own lives. She put lots of creative thought and engaged every single person that attended our conference. Serving as our keynote speaker for the Women of Words (WOW) writing conference, not only did she provide thoughtful and motivating thoughts at the start of the conference, but through the creative exercises she was able to bring the conference to a really reinforcing conclusion. Many people remarked on how much they loved Elizabeth’s skillful weaving of the group wisdom with her own thoughts. What made it especially valuable was that we all left having made a personal, individual commitment to put our learning into action to put into our own lives and keep each other accountable. Elizabeth really did help us all put the POW (Pearls of Wisdom) into a WOW experience that left women feeling empowered to take action in their creative endeavors. “

Dana Wheeler Executive Director/Property Manager at Minnesota Government Engineers Council

“Elizabeth was delightful as she assisted our engineering members look at their inner personalities which share a place in everyone’s leadership potential. Amid overloaded and hectic lives, she helped people relax, focus and feel the affirmations of being heard. We look forward to working with Elizabeth again!”

Beth Neu, M.A., Director of the Performance Excellence Network-Twin Cities Region

“As the Director of the Performance Excellence Network, I work with many presenters. Elizabeth’s presentation on managing stress was one of the most well done presentations I’ve participated in. After vetting hundreds of speakers, I can confidently say Elizabeth is easily in the top 5%. Her content, audience engagement, and presentation style were outstanding.”

Kimberly Anez, Sr. Administrative Specialist at Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities

“Elizabeth is soft-spoken but has a commanding presence because her ideas are well-researched and delivered. I’d recommend anyone looking for a public speaker to hire her for any topic she presents. She emanates positivity, support, and tenderness.”

Nicholas Paul Cichowicz, J.D. E.D. National Association of the Remodeling Industry, MN

“Elizabeth Dickinson recently presented “Leadership Using Active Listening” to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, MN Chapter (NARI) at our monthly membership meeting.

Elizabeth was able to bring real world experience to the discussion about listening. Her passion for helping others learn the benefits of listening were evident throughout her time with NARI. She was able to clearly engage the audience in meaningful and useful discussion.

Our members commented that her ability to take listening concepts and assist them in applying the concepts to their specific questions and concerns was impressive. We definitely would ask Elizabeth to present at another meeting in the future.”

Larry J. Norgren, attendee at Minnesota Lupus Foundation on “From Stress to Success”

“I left feeling blessed and refreshed. I was impressed by how quickly you moved into dialogue with Annette. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I had never witnessed a one-on-one in a group with the results you achieved with Annette. Her attitude became positive and I could see that she was at peace by the changed expression on her face. It went from stressed to joy and contentment! Awesome work!

I’m pleased to hear that you will be leading other sessions with the Lupus group. I can attest that a lot of people here would benefit with what you can offer. Thank you for the meditation and kind words.”