When you’re stressed, it’s hard to see how your experience is affected by how well your baseline needs are taken care of.

This idea from a recent Atlantic article on stress captured my attention.

A new client of mine is making great progress with a bunch of goals in various life areas.  In addition to steady progress on the big external goals, her self-care activities are becoming a true foundation for her to live in a more centered, less stressed way.

Recently, she asked me how she could ‘elevate’ these activities (which include daily walking and daily journaling) so she could stick to them and make them more precious to her.

Since she is a spiritual person with a deep belief in God, I asked her two things—what could she imagine God saying to her before she began her activities, and/or what could she imagine saying to God before beginning her walk?

She said simply, “Let’s go for a walk”.

Whether or not you have a relationship with God or another spiritual being, creating a simple mantra or ritual reinforces the importance of simple things you do for your self-care.

Taking care of your baseline needs-including time for physical activity and inner reflection-are not luxuries.

Elevating those activities, protecting them, and making them precious is not selfish.

Your well-being will thank you for it.

May we pursue our paths, recognizing self-care as a foundation for well-being,

Best wishes,