How Do You Find Your True Personal Power?

A few weeks ago my friend Nea shared some thoughts about personal power in a live Facebook stream. One of the things she said (beautifully) was that we misunderstand what personal power really is.  We think that it means being active and decisive. It made me think about all the metaphors we have

What Holds You Back?

Elephants brought up in captivity are sometimes tied to flimsy stakes in the ground.  They could easily escape because they are clearly stronger than their restraints.  Yet they don’t.  Why not?   When elephants are tiny and weak, some trainers tie them to these stakes.  The elephants never become aware that their growing

Getting Out Of A Rut

Have you ever fallen into a rut and felt unable to move from a position, place or way of thinking? (For those of us living in extended winter, sometimes the season feels like a rut!) More seriously, feeling stuck for a long time is one of the worst feelings. Here are a few

Healing As An Art

At the community discussion following the documentary The Foreigner’s Home about art and racism, a woman in my discussion group remarked that she had had an ‘aha’ moment.   She said it occurred to her for the first time that her hands-on healing practice was an art.   The definitions of health and

Creating Space For The New Year

Happy 2019!   Resolutions usually take arise out of a desire to create a new, healthier habit or to release a destructive habit.   Rarely do they involve releasing something positive (but wearing out either physically or energetically) simply to create space.   And yet that’s a resolution with which I’m playing.  I’ve