Some people find it very difficult to take time for themselves.

Recently I presented to a sheriffs’ conference on finding inspiration during challenging times.  I always ask in the evaluations, what commitment everyone will make to themselves.

Many wrote that their biggest challenge was self-care, and that doing better in that area would be most likely to improve all other areas of their life.

It is sometimes a revelation to people that they don’t have to formally meditate, pray, journal, practice yoga, exercise with a group or trainer, or any other recommended activity in order to practice good self-care.

While all of those things are good things to do, they’re not necessarily right for every person, all the time.

For instance, a recent study showed that some people mentally re-set their brains, and had more mental energy after watching re-runs of their favorite shows.

(While I hope it’s not the only thing people do to restore their brain, it is a good reminder that self-care encompasses much more than the “recommended activities”.)

At the sheriffs’ conference, a coaching volunteer revealed that playing with her puppies was most likely to restore her equilibrium after a challenging day.

And a client of mine who doesn’t find traditional religion rewarding recently shared that mowing the lawn is his spiritual time, and the time during which he prays.

(Frankly, as long as you’re taking time for some kind of restorative mental/emotional/spiritual practice, it doesn’t matter what form it takes…)

Taking “M.E. time” truly restores Mental Energy.

May we pursue our paths, remembering to restore ourselves with regular “M.E. time”,

Best wishes,