Sometimes teams face situations with no good, clear solutions. When they look to the team leader for advice, guidance or a final decision, it can be difficult to know what to do.  Usually team members have a better sense of what’s going on at ground level.

Here’s where hotel owner/business magnate Steve Wynn’s approach could help.

Rather than making the decision for his team, Steve Wynn asks them to back up and find the one core indisputable truth with which they all can agree.  Sometimes it begins with, “The most important thing is….”  or “No matter what, we must ensure that…”

Once that core truth is identified, a solution may emerge slowly.

Steve Wynn says his team members have to be comfortable with the decision for two reasons.  They’re the ones who have to live with it.  And they’re also the ones who have to bring it to their teams.

May we pursue our paths, leading others by assisting them to find core truths,

Best wishes,