5 Important Questions Leaders and Organizations Need To Ask

  • Do you face resistance when change occurs?
  • Do you have a silo’d, stressed out or overworked culture?
  • Do you get the best performance and productivity from everyone?
  • Do your managers individualize their management style?
  • Do you know how answering these questions directly relates to your organization’s effectiveness and profitability?

Would you like to enjoy more of this in your organization?

  • Happier, more productive and committed employees
  • Leaders with the mindset, skill set and tool set to bring out best performance
  • A more profitable organization
  • A culture where life-work balance is the norm

This is not some impossible dream.

Everything above correlates with engagement.

Engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to your organization and its goals resulting in the use of his or her discretionary effort. Gallup organization research directly correlates engagement with profitability, productivity, customer ratings, turnover, safety incidents, absenteeism and quality of work.

Simply put, an employee who feels engaged contributes more-and goes the extra mile for their colleagues, their clients, and their company.

What is the single greatest predictor of engagement? (Hint: It’s not great benefits and pay or a flexible schedule, however worthy those are…)

The single greatest predictor of engagement is the quality of the management and leadership.

Most of the key variables associated with outstanding engagement correlate with a “coach approach” leadership style. Leaders and managers who adopt a coach approach assist employees to make more effective decisions and commitments, to establish accountabilities more easily, and to respond to challenges in more inspired and thoughtful ways.

How can leadership and management be improved to increase employee engagement?

Give your managers and leaders the mindset, skill set and tool kit of a coach.

My six-month program based on my book The Concise Coaching Handbook: How To Coach Yourself And Others To Get Business Results empowers your organization with the essential, accessible, proven coaching tools and techniques to equip you and your leaders to expand or transform how they lead others.

By the end of the program, your leaders and managers will know how to:

  • Use a coach’s mindset to establish, maintain and leverage trust
  • Use the coach’s skill set to eliminate resistance- and to create unexpected solutions to challenging problems
  • Use the coach’s tool kit to create effective, implementable actions and accountability
  • Recognize how to stay on track no matter how challenging the circumstances
  • Create an individualized leadership style without micromanaging or being too hands off

Additionally, this program catalyzes leaders to:

  • Make employees feel seen, heard, and appreciated
  • Use compelling questions for insights and results
  • Give more effective feedback to facilitate positive, lasting change
  • Create action and accountability in themselves and others
  • Inspire more unified, cohesive teams
  • Move past or transform limiting or negative emotions and behaviors
  • Promote and maintain life-work balance
  • Empower a responsible, engaged and agile workforce

Contact Elizabeth to see how she can assist your organization to create increased engagement and tailor this program to your organization’s needs.

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