What is personal or life coaching?

It is my joy to assist people to pursue their dreams. That involves getting you clear about:

  • Your Passion or Passions (What you want in life)
  • Your Purpose (Who you are at the deepest level)
  • Your Power (Acting on your Purpose and Passion)

How does it work?

I assist you to:

  • Eliminate or manage internal blocks (fear, procrastination, etc.)
  • Get ‘unstuck’ about external concerns (time-money-job-family, etc.)
  • Listen to your own inner/wise guidance
  • Form action steps/plans
  • Devise accountability to follow through
  • Create success
  • Live a life of increasing Passion, Purpose, Power…and Peace.

My philosophy:

I want everyone to be able to live authentically from a place of peace.

When you live authentically, it means you live according to your deepest values and are in touch with what is most meaningful for you.

When you know and live according to your deepest and dearest values, there is a sense of ‘rightness’, of being ‘alright’ with the world. Even when events don’t go your way, you know you are on your personal path. You know you are expressing your uniqueness in a way that helps both you and the world, whether that world is your family and friends, or the world at large.

It means that although you may have momentary fears, doubts or anxieties around daily living (who doesn’t have those?), that you know overall that things are or will be ok. You operate from a place of increasing peace. Your goals align with your passion and purpose, and you have the personal power and ‘oomph’ to act on them.

The invitation:

If this vision appeals to you, I invite you to contact me.


Please read ‘The Coaching Process’ for more details, or contact me directly with your personal questions.