Alyssa Chilton, Client

Elizabeth blows me away in her presentations and in her coaching.  From the Cargill event where I met her, to my then-company Land O’Lakes hiring her to create a custom program teaching active listening and coaching skills, to my hiring her as my personal coach, everything she does is not only well received, but results in everyone (including myself) becoming a more successful contributor both professionally and personally.  I highly recommend her to corporate organizations to take their teams to the next level of success.
As an extremely gifted coach and presenter, Elizabeth always asks the right questions and provides the right resources and supports to help people make breakthroughs and stop being stuck.  If you invest in a presentation or in personal coaching with Elizabeth, your investment will pay great dividends – she is truly committed and talented at helping people live their best lives.

Karen Woodward, Client

In Elizabeth, I found so much more than I expected in a coach. Her holistic, individualized, intuitive, and unique approach helped me articulate my values, strengths, and passions. Elizabeth helped me discern my personal mission and professional direction in a creative and collaborative way. I recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is undertaking life changes in all of their complexity. She provides incredible value.

Kathy Kuklok, Client

“I’m a thinker and I love to come up with lots of ideas, but I struggle to put them into action. Coaching with Elizabeth allowed me to sort out out my thoughts, share my struggles and challenges, and organize myself so I could move forward. Elizabeth acknowledged me when I needed it most and I felt she genuinely cared about me. She’s a great listener and very calm. She’s very easy to talk to and I loved how I could truly be myself.”

Jessie Goff, Client

“I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth as a life coach. Over the three months I worked with her, she patiently helped me navigate through many difficult decisions, introducing me to creative and effective methods of problem-solving through inner exploration to identify my intended outcomes. She consistently allowed me to guide my own path, offering me tools and a listening ear when I encountered obstacles or hardships. In other instances, she delicately took the reins when she observed that I wanted more support, suggesting new methods to work through confusion and offering advice on decision making when I requested it.

Her attentiveness and mindfulness extended outside of our coaching sessions, as she regularly connected me to resources, sent me information on events and activities that she knew I would enjoy, and even gave me small gifts as a reminder that she was my active supporter. Not having engaged in life coaching before (and being a little skeptical as to what the process consisted of), Elizabeth shed light on the myriad benefits of working with an experienced and skillful coach and left me with a sense of empowerment that I, with patience to create and pursue a plan, can accomplish anything I set out to do.”

Judy Ranieri, Client

“Elizabeth’s style is a special gift that is so much more than coaching. She is very bright, warm, open, compassionate, honest, non-judgmental and willing to explore new territories with you. She also knows when silence is the best tool to use. I always felt safe, supported and uplifted during our sessions. While, I too, am a coach and “know” where clients can “hide”, Elizabeth takes the coaching experience to a totally different level with her gift of creating customized visualizations, in the moment. She uses this gift brilliantly. It took my coaching sessions to a deeper level quickly and gave me a new tool to surface what was really going on internally. This allowed me to see where I was stuck; where I wanted to go; and what action steps I needed to take.”

Jay McManus, Client

“Elizabeth offers a unique blend of personal qualities and professional skills to her clients. Yes, she has the credentials which provide her with credibility. But it’s her deep understanding of coaching techniques, and her instinct for the right tool at the right time, that sets her apart as a personal coach.”

Jennifer G., Client

“As I sit here today, a month into coaching with Elizabeth, my life is much more organized, fulfilled and purposeful. The life coaching experience makes me more confident, relaxed and self-assured. In my view, Elizabeth is incredibly well-suited to this profession. Her intelligence, demeanor and personality are all supportive and life-affirming.

I know it may be hard to justify spending money on a life coach. I may have eventually gotten to the point I’m at on my own. However, given the nature of what I am working on with her, I also very likely would’ve been too late for some very important and precious opportunities. This is some of the best money I’ve ever spent (and I really don’t have a lot to spare right now). This investment I’m making in myself will reap important dividends in the years to come, professionally, personally and financially.

Elizabeth is also exposing me to meditation, guided imagery, new authors, and new skills that I’ll be able to take with me to tackle new challenges.

The best metaphor I have is that I’m paying Elizabeth for “CPR training” (or life coaching) so that I know what to do in case of an emergency. Once I’m trained, I’ll have these skills to use for the rest of my life as long as I practice them so I don’t forget. However, in this situation, I’m also in a sort-of “life emergency” right now and Elizabeth helps me figure out how to be able to address these kinds of things on my own next time and prevent them from reaching emergency level in the first place.”

I encourage you to take that important, and sometimes scary, first step. Give Elizabeth a chance to help you figure things out. I think you’ll be as pleased as I am with my decision.

Jackie Walsh, Client


I think Life Coach Elizabeth Dickinson deserves a poster like Barack Obama’s. Because her work is all about hope.

Last year, I was feeling a shortage of hope in many parts of my life: relationships, my job, my house, and my weight. My weekly discussions with Elizabeth helped me focus on ways to change, one step at a time. I now feel more empowered and more hopeful about all aspects of my life. My work with Elizabeth differed from my work with a counselor mostly in that at the end of each session I had real, concrete steps to take to effect change.

Elizabeth also had me step back and look at what I most value in life and helped me turn my scattered, distracted, overly-busy attention toward the most important activities and people in my life. I am now more relaxed, appreciative of what I have and do, and confident that I can change what is not going well.

I’m not sure I’d even heard the phrase “life coach” before last year. Now I think everyone would benefit from using one, and Elizabeth is an especially empathetic and intuitive one. Anyone who finds her and has her as a life coach is very, very lucky.”

Val Olson, The Val Olson Group

“Elizabeth is a refined, powerful and gifted coach. Her enthusiasm for life, love for people, intelligence and focus on the power of passion makes her enthusiastic, magnetic and highly effective. If you need to discover that “something” in life that will make you wake up excited each morning ready to conquer the world; if you’re looking for someone to inspire you to live much more fully than you ever thought was possible; if you want to work with a personal motivator filled with heart and soul, who will help hold you accountable in accomplishing your dreams, you should hire Elizabeth. If you do, you’ll dance your way quickly to your heart’s desire.”

Justin Eibenholzl, Client

“Elizabeth is a natural life coach. Her depth and breadth of experience in working with people and creative processes (art, writing, performance, etc…) comes through in her coaching work. She helps establish a calm, contemplative space from which you can do the work that is needed to help you reach your goals, and realize what things are important to you. I didn’t even know what life coaching was six months ago, but now, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from working with Elizabeth. Give it a shot, what do you have to lose? I can tell you there is much to gain, for me that has been more peace, understanding of my purpose and place in the larger community, and losing 4 inches off my waistline. The best part is these things can happen easily if you have a knowledgeable coach helping you better understand the person holding you back, yourself. I can’t think of a better time to start this work. She’ll even give you a complimentary consultation.”

Phillip J. Trobaugh, Client

“Elizabeth provided invaluable service to me in helping me take a longer view of my life’s goals. She assisted me in my first career change, challenging me to see things differently and make my own best choice. Elizabeth also provided great insight and guidance on my passion for creative writing. Through it all, she showed genuine interest and sensitivity. Elizabeth is great at what she does, and I recommend her services highly.”

Kevin Klein, Client

“Having never been coached before I didn’t know what to expect. When you try to move past a difficult point by yourself it’s easy to remain stuck because you keep repeating the same pattern. Elizabeth is warm, genuine, sincere, patient and thorough. Her gentle and upbeat coaching style helped me comfortably see my situation in a different way so I could move ahead. It was a pleasure working with her. Thanks, Elizabeth!”

One Man’s Story (Charlie Borden, Co-Founder The Boys to Men Mentoring Network of Minnesota)

“I’m writing to share my gratitude and high regard for the Life Coaching I’ve received from Ms. Elizabeth Dickinson.

I reached a crossroads in my life and had a powerful urge to leave my work of the past decade and move into new life work. I wanted someone to lead me through a process that would help me to understand myself and be able to act with clarity and purpose again.

Elizabeth facilitated a process which first blessed the work I’ve done, and helped me to find permission within myself to question the current fit of my old loyalties. She helped me find my voice so I could value my original choice, and also honor the new passion.

She helped me choose several practical steps towards stepping back from my old work. Thus, I made (and kept) a specific set of commitments that began with immediately informing the appropriate people about my decision.

All of this helped me make the space and time I need to begin my next life involving writing. I’m glad to say that that is also working.

My thanks to Elizabeth for coaching me in a very special life moment. I recommend her skills to anyone who wants an advocate with the clarity and skills to walk with them through their important life changes.”