A young man came to me recently who woke up every morning suffering from anxiety.

We explored different strategies to transforming the anxiety.  The fix was quite simple and straightforward.

He said he needed to get to bed earlier, so he could wake up earlier, take a run, and meditate before going to work.

Often in life, very simple changes can yield very big results.

Simple isn’t necessarily easy.  It will take commitment to follow through on this.

But I was struck once again how large, seemingly intractable states of being (like anxiety) might be addressed by a simple change in routine.

One of the leading causes of stress is not leaving enough time between activities, and feeling rushed.

Is there any routine you follow that leaves you feeling rushed and anxious?

What could you change, particularly in the morning, so that you can create peace, and start the day on a calm note?

May we pursue our paths, tweaking our routines to support our lives,

Best wishes,