The Micro-Managing Executive Director

A friend phoned me recently for some advice.  She’s the immediate past president of a non-profit board where the executive director micromanages her two direct reports.  Several staff have left because they’re not allowed agency in their work, and feel like they’re only trusted to complete the menial tasks.   What makes this

Potential Is A Dirty Word

I remember applying for a fellowship that I didn’t get. In the rejection letter, I was told I showed great potential and they were looking forward to seeing what I would do.   As an adjective, potential means either having/showing the capacity to become or develop in the future.  As a noun, it

When Preparing For A Job IS The Job

I’m a terrible liar in one particular area.   I rarely count the preparation before a job as part of the job.   If you’ve ever painted a room, you know that you can’t just pick up a can of paint and start painting (even if you don’t dither, hem-and-haw, procrastinate, and agonize

The Myth Of A Single Passion

Our culture tends to celebrate the mono-passion. We recognize the great inventor or Olympic athlete who spends virtually every waking moment working on, thinking about, or perfecting that single activity or product. We may even fantasize about chucking everything out (usually our other responsibilities) and focusing on that one unexplored or partially explored