Looking Through New Eyes

At a conference on trauma, I met a woman who works for the Department of Corrections. Part of her job involves restorative justice, and she helps inmates write letters of repentance to their victims, acknowledging their responsibility for whatever crime they’ve committed. These letters are vetted by Corrections staff and go through multiple

When Self-Judgment Is Wasted

My husband has often recounted to me the travails he experienced during teenage dating, long before he met me. One of his favorite stories is the one where he went on a date with a young lovely. He felt so awkward and tongue-tied. As someone who attended an all-boy school, he didn’t have

Where Are Your Blessings In Disguise?

Thanks to everyone who wrote me privately with concern about my wrist-your good wishes are much appreciated! The past few weeks have definitely been blessings in disguise. Things I have discovered when I only have one working hand, in no particular order. If I can’t squeeze toothpaste accurately onto my toothbrush, I can

Does Your Voice Matter?

Some of you fear to express yourself in new ways because you’re not sure that what you say or do matters enough or is original enough. In the last month I have met people who are very successful in their professions in the media.  Even if you don’t know their names, you would

Changing Jobs

Last week I went in for my bi-annual dental check-up and had a new dental hygienist.  She was brimming over with good cheer so I asked her the usual questions about how long she’d been at her job.  She gave me permission to share her story. She has only been a dental hygienist

The Miracle Question

Therapists DeShazer and Lipchik came up with what they called “A Miracle Question” that you can use to find what you are missing in order to solve a challenge. Imagine after a normal day you go home and fall asleep.  The next day you wake up to discover your problem has been solved.