Why The Journey Matters

There’s a paradox to a coach saying that the journey matters more than the destination. As a coach, I wouldn’t work with anyone unless they had goals they wanted to achieve (or I could help them identify what they wanted). I question often, “What is your next best step to take to get

Don’t Should On Yourself

Before The Concise Coaching Handbook was accepted by Business Expert Press, I went through a period where I was consumed by the “should” questions. What should I do next? In what way should I express my writing energies? (And at least theoretically I know not to “should” all over myself J) A coach

The Myth Of A Single Passion

Our culture tends to celebrate the mono-passion. We recognize the great inventor or Olympic athlete who spends virtually every waking moment working on, thinking about, or perfecting that single activity or product. We may even fantasize about chucking everything out (usually our other responsibilities) and focusing on that one unexplored or partially explored