Do Your Dreams Have A Long Enough Runway?

I have a client who’s transitioning from a corporate job into new, self-created work.  In preparation for what’s next, she’s hired me to prepare her for the new work she expects to create.   Recently, she discovered that what she thought she would do-which involved corporate consulting–isn’t feeling right.  She visited with former

Where Do You Bloom?

“Bloom where you are planted.”   The most positive meaning is Do the best you can under the circumstances in which you find yourself. Fair enough.   However, as a gardener, I know that plants require different circumstances to thrive.   Overwatering a cactus and underwatering a Peace Lily are the surest ways

Do You Need To Grow Roots Or Leaves?

One of my teenage jobs was working in a greenhouse, where the formidable owner Ms. Jones showed me how to grow new plants from cuttings. Every plant has nodes.  Nodes are the points on a stem where the buds, leaves, and branching twigs originate.  But they can also be the points where roots

If What You Do Never Seems Enough

One of the trickier life challenges is deciding if you’re doing enough on a daily basis towards your goals. As someone wise once said, more than we are doers, we are deciders. I understand certain concepts intellectually, but when I get them emotionally, they penetrate more deeply. Earlier in the year I asked

How Do You Support Self-Change?

Life’s big events-births, deaths, marriages, and graduations-all have some aspect of ceremony or ritual attached to them. However, unless you belong to a group where rituals are important, there are not many consistent opportunities in adult life to acknowledge smaller successes and setbacks. Yet most of life is made up of smaller setbacks