The Language of Love

I’ve been visiting my dad and stepmother.  My English-speaking dad is hard of hearing and although my stepmother speaks English, she’s originally from El Salvador and her native tongue is Spanish.  To top it off, although my dad has a hearing aid, he doesn’t like wearing it.   In this household, many things

A Valentine’s Day Poem

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a love poem to consider (and enjoy) from the great Sufi poet Hafiz… I Know The Way You Can Get I know the way you can get when you have not had a drink of Love: Your face hardens, your sweet muscles cramp. Children become concerned about a

What Real Love Looks Like

After a meeting with an editorial board of the local newspaper, I was walking to the door with the interviewer. We’d been talking about the general tone of divisiveness in our society today. What was the cure? The man, not exactly a hard-bitten reporter, (but someone who you assume is trained to be