What Holds You Back?

Elephants brought up in captivity are sometimes tied to flimsy stakes in the ground.  They could easily escape because they are clearly stronger than their restraints.  Yet they don’t.  Why not?   When elephants are tiny and weak, some trainers tie them to these stakes.  The elephants never become aware that their growing

What Are Your Trappings Of Success?

A client recently said she was afraid she feared success because of its potential trappings including increased exposure and less personal privacy.   The definition of trappings is: the outward signs, features, or objects associated with a particular situation, role, or thing.   Embedded in the word trappings is the word ‘trap’.  A

Don’t Box Yourself In

Recently someone claimed he was too sensitive to learn ballroom dancing.   “But all the teachers are so nice,” I said. “They never criticize and are very encouraging.”   “I know,” he moaned. “It’s just me.”   In coaching, we call that “arguing for our limitations”. You don’t really want to characterize yourself