Do Your Dreams Have A Long Enough Runway?

I have a client who’s transitioning from a corporate job into new, self-created work.  In preparation for what’s next, she’s hired me to prepare her for the new work she expects to create.   Recently, she discovered that what she thought she would do-which involved corporate consulting–isn’t feeling right.  She visited with former

You Are Your Own Expert

In the lead up to the publication of The Concise Coaching Handbook, I’ll be using my blog to share excerpts.  This is from the preface to part 1, on coaching yourself.   When you visit an expert for advice, you expect the expert to know more about the subject in question than you

The Non-Mystery Of Your Life Purpose

One of my favorite melodies in the world is in Billy Joel’s Piano Man. I’ve always loved that song. But the lyrics are inexpressibly sad.   Unfulfilled dreams are romantic in songs. In real life, not so much. The coach in me wants to get my hands on the denizens of the bar