Creating Space For The New Year

Happy 2019!   Resolutions usually take arise out of a desire to create a new, healthier habit or to release a destructive habit.   Rarely do they involve releasing something positive (but wearing out either physically or energetically) simply to create space.   And yet that’s a resolution with which I’m playing.  I’ve

Releasing What No Longer Serves You

If you’re like me, you may have accumulated a lot of things you haven’t released yet. These can include: magazine/email subscriptions, clothing you used to love (or fit into), books, papers, files or cards that used to be important or that represent a stage in your life or represent relationships with people you

When Things Get Lost

Last week I was on my way to an important meeting and I couldn’t find my keys. I remembered letting myself in the night before using the keys. I searched all the usual (and unusual) places. My husband (who usually can help me find anything) was away, so I asked the universe for some help. I

Impermanence and Blossom Beauty Time

May is one of my favorite months. It has the best weather, not too hot/not too cold. The tentative, earliest green has matured and the apple blossoms and all the sweet scented flowers I love best (lilacs and lilies of the valley) run riot in an celebration of fragrance and color. May doesn’t last, of