Thanks-Giving May Be Life-Saving

At a publicity conference I attended in New York a few weeks ago, I met a woman who’d worked for a physician support group.  Her mission was to bring attention to the high suicide rate of doctors.   One of the things she said made a real impact on me. “Most doctors never

What Gifts Does Memory Bring?

Memorial Day has just passed, a time to remember not just veterans but those people who have special meanings to us.   Every year a high school friend of mine buys different colors of geraniums to place at gravesites for her relatives who have passed on, including ones she never met. Red for

The Gratitude For Smaller Things

A couple of weeks ago I was grabbing a quick breakfast to go and halfway out the door when a voice said “Excuse me, ma’am”. The server was holding out napkins. “Would you like some?” she asked.   I thanked her, returned, and took the napkins. Our hands touched and our eyes met

How Being Thankful Reduces Stress

Gratitude or thankfulness gets a lot of attention in happiness studies. If the word gratitude brings up ‘should-ness’ and nightmares of writing endless thank you notes when you were six years old (as it does for my husband), please substitute appreciation/acknowledgement or some other word! People who intentionally notice and appreciate good things