5 Patriotic Things You Can Do

Happy Fourth of July!   Patriotism is defined as vigorous or energetic support for your country. I don’t believe patriotism should only be defined as national military service. In fact everyone do simple things to help their community that qualify as patriotism.   Here are 5 simple suggestions:   Write a letter to

When Self-Judgment Is Wasted

My husband has often recounted to me the travails he experienced during teenage dating, long before he met me. One of his favorite stories is the one where he went on a date with a young lovely. He felt so awkward and tongue-tied. As someone who attended an all-boy school, he didn’t have

Are You Rowing Upstream Or Downstream?

“Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream…”   A couple of years ago I joined the St. Paul Rowing Club and learned sweep rowing (single oar in a crew of 8) and sculling (double oars in a double or quad crew).   When you race, you always start from an upstream

How Your Physicality Shapes Your Life

This week I promised to share some non-verbal cues that can help project confidence.   During my acting training decades ago, one of the things we were taught early on was to ‘take space’.  This is the idea that to be fully present to both ourselves and to an audience on stage, that

How To Cultivate Hope In Others

In How To Be A Positive Leader, Jane Dutton shares 3 ways to cultivate hope in others. First, act ‘as if’ a desired outcome is possible. Encourage people to take a small step towards what they want. No act is too small. Second, when discouragement occurs, ‘kiss it better’. Relive, remind and retell

How To Be Wildly Liberated

A relatively young guy I know who started his own company to bring community solar gardens to under-served neighborhoods, and who both volunteers and works with a non-profit I support, recently wrote a manifesto for his life. A central tenet of it is his experience that being able to be whole, creative and

What Beliefs Hold You Back?

In the coaching book Coach Yourself: How To Create Solutions In Your Life, authors Anthony Grant and Jane Greene present a wonderful exercise to use if you are procrastinating or afraid of doing something that down deep you really do want to do. This exercise helps you uncover hidden beliefs or hidden motivations. There