How Do You Find Your True Personal Power?

A few weeks ago my friend Nea shared some thoughts about personal power in a live Facebook stream. One of the things she said (beautifully) was that we misunderstand what personal power really is.  We think that it means being active and decisive. It made me think about all the metaphors we have

What Holds You Back?

Elephants brought up in captivity are sometimes tied to flimsy stakes in the ground.  They could easily escape because they are clearly stronger than their restraints.  Yet they don’t.  Why not?   When elephants are tiny and weak, some trainers tie them to these stakes.  The elephants never become aware that their growing

What Is Our Duty As Citizens?

In the run-up to elections, there’s always a lot of public exhortations to vote as part of our civic duty.   Fair enough.  But let’s also look at the history of the words for citizen and civic.   The root of the word citizen is civic, which means someone who lives in a

What Balls Do You Drop When You Juggle?

Yesterday a friend came for some coaching and was chagrined to find he’d forgotten he had a dental appointment he’d scheduled at the same time.  He says he warns folks that with all he’s doing (including countless volunteer hours) that he’s bound to drop a few balls.   But it’s clear he hates

You Are Your Own Expert

In the lead up to the publication of The Concise Coaching Handbook, I’ll be using my blog to share excerpts.  This is from the preface to part 1, on coaching yourself.   When you visit an expert for advice, you expect the expert to know more about the subject in question than you

Taking A Leap

Over the weekend I met a couple of remarkable women at two different Jazz Festival booths.   Stacy is the owner of a kickboxing academy. She didn’t start out with that dream. Instead she was a human resource officer for a large hotel, making a lot of money, but very unhappy. She took

A Four-Letter Word That’s Always Appropriate

A few weeks ago I had an upsetting experience while door knocking. Someone lashed out without a lot of provocation. While I’m a pretty calm person, the level of animosity directed at me seemed out of proportion to the situation.   I was thinking about it a few days later when I visited