Getting Out Of A Rut

Have you ever fallen into a rut and felt unable to move from a position, place or way of thinking? (For those of us living in extended winter, sometimes the season feels like a rut!) More seriously, feeling stuck for a long time is one of the worst feelings. Here are a few

Do Your Dreams Have A Long Enough Runway?

I have a client who’s transitioning from a corporate job into new, self-created work.  In preparation for what’s next, she’s hired me to prepare her for the new work she expects to create.   Recently, she discovered that what she thought she would do-which involved corporate consulting–isn’t feeling right.  She visited with former

How Do You Move Between Two Choices?

In the high controversy testimony of Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, there is an irresistible pull to line up on one side or the other.  Who do I believe?  Who do I trust? What are the values being honored-or dishonored? Even though I have strong opinions, it feels difficult to identify and acknowledge

What Balls Do You Drop When You Juggle?

Yesterday a friend came for some coaching and was chagrined to find he’d forgotten he had a dental appointment he’d scheduled at the same time.  He says he warns folks that with all he’s doing (including countless volunteer hours) that he’s bound to drop a few balls.   But it’s clear he hates

How To Avoid Fear-Based Decisions

Recently I met with a musician who makes his living entirely from playing, touring, and composing music. He’s not a household name, and he doesn’t make a lot of money but he’s a very content person.   I asked him how he is able to make it, and his answer was very simple.