The Upside of Boredom

As I’ve been going through a pile of partially-read magazines before I donate them to a nursing home, I stumbled across a Cambridge University article on the uses of boredom.   Most technology (especially the smart phone) is supposed to make life easier and leave us time to spend elsewhere.  Instead, the technology

Identify The Blocks To Your Creativity

In Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s classic work Creativity: the Psychology of Discovery and Invention, he identifies four potential obstacles to expressing creativity: The lack of uncommitted time Being easily distracted A lack of discipline Not knowing how to use creative energy If nearly every single moment of your day is devoted to survival-or is simply

How Can You Support Your Creative Process?

What did I learn about my own creative process by finishing a draft of my novel? I learned to be patient with myself when I didn’t know what came next.  Even though I had written the basic plot in other forms (as a musical play and non-musical screenplay), some plot points and characters