Getting Out Of A Rut

Have you ever fallen into a rut and felt unable to move from a position, place or way of thinking? (For those of us living in extended winter, sometimes the season feels like a rut!) More seriously, feeling stuck for a long time is one of the worst feelings. Here are a few

Creating Space For The New Year

Happy 2019!   Resolutions usually take arise out of a desire to create a new, healthier habit or to release a destructive habit.   Rarely do they involve releasing something positive (but wearing out either physically or energetically) simply to create space.   And yet that’s a resolution with which I’m playing.  I’ve

Life Shouldn’t Be About Changing Who You Are

Life should not be about changing who you are deep down. Coaching is definitely not about changing who you are. This may be a surprise to some, who are familiar with receiving the kind of help that demands you change your behaviors or insists you change your perspective.   As one of my

Pursuing A New Direction In Life

I frequently coach people who are going through a transition and who are debating next steps or who are ‘birthing’ a new direction in life.   If the next step feels like a radical departure in their lives (like leaving a secure job to become their own boss), it can feel especially scary.

Live With Your Unhappiness-Or Change

I recently listened to the story of a local, award-winning chef and restaurateur’s story. She had been an actor for some years, but had been working 5 jobs to sustain herself. While she loved acting, she eventually realized she was trying to maintain ‘something that wasn’t there’. She eventually segued into nonprofit arts