What Kind Of Stove Do You Need For Your Life To Cook?

When I ran for office, I made a (sort-of) joke that in order to function, sometimes I put other non-political things on the backburner-and sometimes I just took them off the stove.   Ironically my real stove had some problems during the campaign. The oven light went out and my husband couldn’t figure

Rising Above Division and Judgment

Social division seems rampant now. It feels like society has fragmented and people find it hard to understand-or even listen to-other people’s views. The Atlantic Monthly’s September issue is entitled How America Went Haywire.   If you’re finding it hard to understand how a large part of the country could think one way

How To Be (And Do) Your Best

I coached a client today who returned buoyed and excited by a conference where she’d been able to present on a topic outside what other people might consider her wheelhouse.   She’d been able to reconnect with old colleagues she loved, meet new ones, AND been able to recognize that her enthusiasm for