Getting Out Of A Rut

Have you ever fallen into a rut and felt unable to move from a position, place or way of thinking? (For those of us living in extended winter, sometimes the season feels like a rut!) More seriously, feeling stuck for a long time is one of the worst feelings. Here are a few

Where Do You Bloom?

“Bloom where you are planted.”   The most positive meaning is Do the best you can under the circumstances in which you find yourself. Fair enough.   However, as a gardener, I know that plants require different circumstances to thrive.   Overwatering a cactus and underwatering a Peace Lily are the surest ways

When ‘Best’ Is An Impossible Standard

What standards do you use to self-evaluate? My husband started playing golf late in life and got really serious about it really fast.  He found his whole day would get better or worse depending on how he was playing.  Sometimes he got incredibly competitive with his best friend who had been playing years

Go Ahead, Be Unreasonable And Inappropriate

(This column is not directed at the chronically and unabashedly unreasonable and inappropriate people…and you know who you are…)   A common dilemma I run into, (both in my own life and in my clients’ lives), is the impulse to tolerate situations that make us feel uncomfortable or violates our values.   For

Bringing The Best Of The Holidays Into 2018

Happy New Year! A friend and I recently compared notes about the holidays. Neither of us mailed a single card this year (my husband picked up some of the slack and wrote the holiday letter and sent a few cards-there were too many other things on my plate…) It wasn’t that any of

H.A.L.T. Stress During The Holidays

During the holidays, many of us take on extra responsibilities. Even if these include celebrating welcome traditions, inevitably the celebrations also create added pressures, as we try to fit in the traditions with all the other more routine things we need to do.   When I was a child, as much as I