Should You Close Your Suggestion Box?

(A shout out to all the ICF Minnesota coaches-hope to see you tonight at the Metropolitan Ballroom for “Leadership Using Active Listening”).   I was sharing with my writing teacher all the things I had done to improve a piece of writing, including classes and using beta readers for feedback. My teacher looked

The Myth Of A Single Passion

Our culture tends to celebrate the mono-passion. We recognize the great inventor or Olympic athlete who spends virtually every waking moment working on, thinking about, or perfecting that single activity or product. We may even fantasize about chucking everything out (usually our other responsibilities) and focusing on that one unexplored or partially explored

Authenticity And Feeling At Home In The World

Many of those I coach are searching for an inner sense of home, of what they need to live well, of feeling comfortable inside their own lives.  In coaching terms, I call it a sense of authenticity. Authentic means “conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief”.  What ways can