Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Recently I was honored to be interviewed by radio host Bill Horan on WHPC 90.3 FM about The Concise Coaching Handbook: How To Coach Yourself And Others To Get Business Results The show will be broadcast December 19, 2018 at 4pm.  If you miss it, I’ll provide a link in the next blog

Where Do You Bloom?

“Bloom where you are planted.”   The most positive meaning is Do the best you can under the circumstances in which you find yourself. Fair enough.   However, as a gardener, I know that plants require different circumstances to thrive.   Overwatering a cactus and underwatering a Peace Lily are the surest ways

Do You Need A ‘To-Don’t’ List?

I was joking (kind-of) about all the things I was no longer going to do for marketing purposes. My colleague said to me, ‘You now have a to-don’t list, don’t you?’   One of the most freeing things in life is the point at which you decide there are certain things that don’t

How Much Caution Do You Need To Use?

I was reviewing a contract with a consultant. Since it was new to me, I asked lots many questions. His suggestions came back highlighted in a lot of red ink.   However overall, he said there wasn’t cause for a lot of concern. He used this metaphor.   Most people are taught to