How Being Thankful Reduces Stress

Gratitude or thankfulness gets a lot of attention in happiness studies. If the word gratitude brings up ‘should-ness’ and nightmares of writing endless thank you notes when you were six years old (as it does for my husband), please substitute appreciation/acknowledgement or some other word! People who intentionally notice and appreciate good things

What’s Behind What You Say You Want?

Last Sunday I presented a workshop to the North Star Women Firefighters Association (and one male firefighter!) on “Authentic Living”.  Only about 3% of our nation’s firefighters are women, so as you can imagine, these were a special bunch.  Many of them are volunteer firefighters, so they can be very busy juggling other

Authenticity And Feeling At Home In The World

Many of those I coach are searching for an inner sense of home, of what they need to live well, of feeling comfortable inside their own lives.  In coaching terms, I call it a sense of authenticity. Authentic means “conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief”.  What ways can