Your path matters.
It’s time to pursue your path.
Your path is sacred.
Your path is unique.




Pursuing a life path has obsessed me from an early age. (I was the teen who said I didn’t want to do anything unless I was 120% committed-which meant professional acting for a long time).


I’ve pursued many life paths.  I learned for most there is not a single path for an entire lifetime.  We’re more likely than ever to have more than one focus, job or career (and more than one relationship) during our lifetime.


In addition to professional acting, my paths include teaching, counseling, environmental activism, politics, ballroom dancing, writing…and of course, coaching, speaking and presenting to organizations.


While feeling stuck as an individual or organization is inevitable at certain times (truly), it’s important not to stay stuck (and not to beat up on yourself, your family or your team for being stuck).  I have a money-back guarantee if you’re feeling stuck, discouraged or stressed, that my coaching will get you or your organizations moving again.  We’ll find your heart (or your organization’s heart), your values and your vision, so you can express those values and vision in a meaningful way and pursue your unique individual and organizational path with passion, purpose, and peace.


If you’re with an organization, check out my organizational offerings, ranging from 2 hour presentations to 6 month commitments to help your employees become more productive and happy through a coach approach to management.


Blessings to you as you find and pursue your path.