I’ve done a number of complimentary coachings this past week.  (If you’d like to try coaching, email me at elizabeth@pursueyourpath.com.)
I often ask clients what they find most valuable about my coaching.  Sometimes it’s the new ideas that we come up with together, sometimes it’s the opportunity to get clarity and sort through long-standing situations, and sometimes it’s just being listened to with kindness and attention.  Sometimes it’s just committing to doing something that they’ve thought about for a long time.
People sometimes get a sheepish look on their face when it’s about committing to something they’ve thought about for a long time.  People often know what they need to do and so it feels a little like the “I could’ve had a V-8” commercial.  Sometimes it sounds so simple.

So why don’t we all just DO the thing we know we should do?  Why don’t we take that first step towards our goals that we’ve thought about for so long?  What’s ‘wrong’ with us?

Here are the two most common reasons we don’t always do what we know we want to do:

We aren’t clear it is the best thing to do.


We haven’t truly committed to doing it.

When I coach I often ask if a specific action step is something you want to commit to.  Then I’ll ask when you intend to achieve it, and how you will let me know you’ve done it.  These simple steps hold you accountable to your own dreams and commitments.

So how do you commit without a coach?

Do one or more of the following things:

Write down your commitment in your journal.  “I intend to do x by y.”
Write your commitment on a post-it. Put it in several places, like your computer and your bathroom mirror.
Tell a friend what you’re committing to.  Ask if s/he is willing to act as your accountability.  Set up a phone or in-person date to report back.
This week share a commitment with me by emailing me at elizabeth@pursueyourpath.com.

What simple step can you take towards a long-standing goal this week?  I will send a check-in email on a date you decide 🙂

And may your all pursue your path with passion, purpose, power and peace.

Best wishes,


P.S.  I’m conducting a free teleseminar on Tuesday, April 9th at 6 pm CST/7 pm EST/4 pm PST on “Everyday Spirituality: Creating Simple Habits and Rituals to Support Yourself”.  Mark your calendars and email me at elizabeth@pursueyourpath.com for the call-in information. Mention if you’d like to receive some free coaching on the call.