In a recent interview with David Politis, chief executive of BetterCloud, he advised new college graduates to consider accepting jobs where they could be a “big fish” for the following reasons:

  • You may be expected to adopt more responsibility than your title or resume warrants.  This means you can have a real impact on the business.
  • Your energy and excitement level is high.  Accepting a lower level but better-paid job sometimes puts you among colleagues whose excitement is dulled.  That lack of passion can be contagious.

There are trade-offs between money-security and passion-fulfillment.  It’s far easier to make the trade-off on behalf passion-fulfillment at the start of your career because it’s usually the first rung on your ladder.

Ideally, we all hold visions for ourselves that unite the money we need with a passion for our jobs or careers. If a trade-off must be made, only you can decide what’s best for you at any stage of your career.

Remember to honor your own deepest values when you decide, and know that no decision has to be final.

May we pursue our paths, discovering what size pond suits us best,