The dictionary defines security as “the state of being free from danger or threat”.


In external terms that might mean choosing to live in a relatively safe neighborhood, where you can walk safely about (even after dark), or where you can reasonably expect that your home or car won’t be broken into, or your children harmed, or where you know and trust your neighbors.


Inner security is a different phenomenon.  It means living in a state of basic trust with yourself.  It means although you may not be able to control everything in your life, that you can trust yourself to be able to create (or to react to) most situations with a minimum of internal stress and drama.


We can’t predict everything in life, and we certainly can’t control everything.  Obviously it helps to develop realistically optimistic expectations and not to project bad outcomes based on negative past experience (although this is easier said than done…)


What can you do for yourself this week to bolster your own inner “state of being free from danger or threat”? 


Do you need to take more reasonable external precautions to bolster your physical sense of safety, such as changing locks, increasing home or health insurance, changing computer passwords, or installing anti-virus software?


Do you need more physical exercise or stretching to relax your body?


Do you need to forego negative fantasies about what could go wrong with any of your endeavors and substitute positive affirmations?


Do you need to create more calm inside by meditating or doing more of what you love?


Especially if you feel you need to take physical precautions, perhaps the most important thing is to act from a place of inner peace.


So whatever you can do (especially from that place of peace), I encourage you to do.  Your birthright is to live without fear.  Your responsibility is to do what you know will assist you to live with a sense of safety.


And may we pursue our paths, taking reasonable precautions and creating safety within and without,


Best wishes,