When people see me for stress reduction, and I ask them where they feel stress, they often point to their hearts.


They often say they feel dragged down by the worry or anxiety.


Worry and anxiety can be like an anchor, keeping you feeling stuck in place.


Sometimes playing with the imagery of worry can shift it, give you some power over it, and lighten the situation.


For instance, if your worry is like an anchor, what would you do with that ‘anchor’ ?


  • Cut it loose?
  • Bring it ‘onboard’ your ship, so you can sail away?
  • Destroy the anchor?
  • Something else?

If your worry or anxiety is like a cement block weighing down your heart, what would you like to do with it?

  • Blow it up?
  • Vaporize it?
  • Use it to build a new foundation for something you want to create somewhere else? (Sometimes worry holds the seeds of concerns you do want to pay attention to…)

If your worry is like an animal, nibbling away at you, what kind of animal is it?

  • Do you want to keep this animal?
  • What would tame it?

If your worry is justified and holds practical questions you need to resolve, then there may be a kernel of positivity to it.  But can you consider those questions without feeling anxious?

And if you’re consumed by worry about needless things, dark fantasies about things that are unlikely to happen, or you’re worried constantly about your performance or how you’re perceived, then it may be time to take action.

A famous Indian mystic once said, “Worry is like a prayer for something you don’t want.”

Focus on and create what you DO want, and let needless worries go.

(If you want some assistance on how to reduce stress, then it may be time for a complimentary consultation with me.  I love helping people reduce or eliminate stress.)

And may you pursue your path with confidence, free of needless anxiety,

Best wishes,