Some family stories are positive.  For instance, my family’s narrative was that we could expect to be physically healthy and strong.  My dad encouraged me in sports and my mother encouraged me not to fixate on small physical hurts…”mind over matter” was one of her favorite sayings.

Not all my family stories were positive.  “A woman needs to be twice as good to be thought half as good to succeed.”  (And while women still don’t earn the same salary as men for the same job, internalizing the idea of having to work twice as hard to succeed was not something I needed amplified!)

As we get older, we can choose what family stories we want to accept and live by.  While there are obviously some biological limitations/inherited conditions, you don’t have to accept family limitations as your destiny.

Are there stories that run in your family that you would like to change for yourself?

  • “Being overweight just runs in our family.”
  • “Certain topics are never discussed with outsiders.”
  • “We all share the same values so we’re all (your family’s political party of choice).”

This week I encourage you to celebrate one story about your family that continues to support you.

I also encourage you to identify one story or belief you would like to change.  Write down what you want to believe and live by. Post it somewhere to remind you of the life you want to create.

And may you pursue you path with your own best familial and individual values!