There’s a nice article by another coach in Forbes magazine on the value of appreciation:

The first psychologist I studied during my Master’s degree was Carl Rogers.  His work focused on the value of unconditional positive regard.

Essentially, this is the idea that if you regard your client with approval that this simple act can improve the self-esteem and behavior of the client.

Think about the last time someone viewed you with approval or gave you a sincere compliment.  How did you react?  Did you accept it gracefully?  Deny it?  Discount or undermine it?

I have a friend who I call “a master appreciator”.  Being around him is like having your own personal sun shining down on you, warming you down to your toes.  He always finds something positive about what I’m doing.  It makes me feel secure and appreciated.  And even if he doesn’t say anything, it’s obvious that he sees the good in me and most everyone else.

I invite you this week to find someone you’ve appreciated for a long time for a particular quality or way of being in the world, and communicate your appreciation to them.

One definition of appreciation is of course the recognition of the value of someone or something.  The other definition of appreciation is a rise in value or price, especially over time.

If you think about it, the simple act of recognizing value causes it to rise.

If we all appreciate the unique qualities and values of others, we can cause it to increase or appreciate.

And may you all appreciate and pursue your path with passion, purpose and peace!