Last weekend I presented on the theme: “Connecting to What is Most Meaningful” at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.

Passion sometimes means suffering.  But the original definition of suffering is not pain, but undergoing.  And the definition of undergoing includes the idea of being tested.

So if you have a passion to do or to be something, it means it’s something you’re willing to be tested about.

(As life will probably test you anyway, it may be easier if the testing occurs over something you care about.)

Having passion for something means you have extra energy and interest to accomplish it.  It means you enjoy what positive psychology calls “flow” or losing track of time because you’re engaged in what you’re doing.

It may even mean that expending energy to pursue your passion is more important than achieving an end result.  In other words, the process may be more important than the product.

Having passion doesn’t inoculate you against disappointment.  But it does mean you are connected to something meaningful that may be bigger than just you.

Passion promises meaningful purpose.  And whether or not anyone else understands your passion, it will animate and revitalize your life.

What are you connected to that you’re passionate about?

If you can’t think of anything right now, what will it take to connect or re-connect with something that is personally meaningful to you?

And may we all find ways to pursue our path with passion, purpose, power and peace,