In the book I’m writing about coaching, I’m spending some time writing about the elusive idea of presence.

If you’ve ever meditated, one experience that is emphasized is the idea of being present.  In a meditative context that means focusing on your breath and clearing your mind of thoughts of the past and future, literally living in the present.

In a philosophical context, the German philosopher Heidegger sees this as not just important for you, but for the whole world.  Being present—and how you are present–matters because it influences how things unfold in the world.

Years ago I was in a group focused on the overlap of psychology and shamanism.  While there were techniques being learned, one of the participants gave me feedback that I underestimated the healing power of my own presence.  In other words, one person’s presence—without them actively trying to do anything—can be healing for another.

In simple terms, if you are truly listened to, you feel more alive and that your deeper, truer self is emerging.  If you do that for someone else, the same thing happens.  If more of that happens, there is the potential for the whole world to heal.

Next week I’ll talk a little more about simple ways to be present.

May we pursue our paths this week, aware of how our presence enhances the world,

Best wishes,