There’s an article in last week’s NY Times called “The Science of Mind”.

Most interesting is the fact that we are starting to get specific about brain functions.  Researchers can actually predict whether drugs or therapy will be more effective in treating depression, depending on whether there is more or less activity in a specific part of the patient’s brain–the right anterior insula.

One of the other conclusions is that psychotherapy is a biological treatment, and the effects can be studied empirically.  Changing your thoughts and feelings produces detectable physical changes in our brains.

One of the most important outcomes of coaching is that people feel encouraged to take positive action towards what they want.  They start to think and feel differently about themselves.  While I can’t measure the changes to their brain, I can measure their feelings through a simple test of how satisfied they feel in each area of their life before and after coaching.

Recently a client left coaching with me after about nine months.  In that time, she took on a number of challenging issues, including seeking some medical treatment and leaving one job and starting another.  During that time, her life satisfaction rose from twos and threes to sevens and eights in major life areas.

I was so proud for her success in taking on these issues and being able to change her quality of life so dramatically.  I like to think that as a result, she may have even changed her brain for the positive in the process.

Here’s wishing you the best towards positively changing your thoughts and feelings as you pursue your path!

Best wishes,