Tonight my chapter of the ICF (International Coaches Federation) will recognize a Minnesota organization for its commitment to and excellence in coaching and give the first Minnesota “Prism” award to Barr Engineering Company.  We will also recognize the other nominees for this award (Pepsi, Cargill, Itasca County and Fairview Physician Associates) for all the improvements they make to their organizations through coaching.

To recognize can mean to acknowledge the existence or validity of something or someone.  Recognition is the act of accepting that something is true or important.

In life we all want to be recognized for who we are and for what we do that’s important and true.  The essence of coaching is to assist clients in recognizing what’s true for them, and what needs to be acted upon because of that truth.

Is there someone or something in your life that needs to be recognized for who they are or how they’re important in your life?

I helped establish this award because coaching is still a relatively new profession and our profession needs to draw attention to what’s true and important about coaching.

All our relationships, whether with organizations or other people, need to be recognized as often as possible for the true and important contributions they make to our lives.

This week I encourage you to recognize the people and organizations that have supported, inspired, and helped you develop and grow.

And may you all recognize those people and organizations as you pursue your path!

Best wishes,