One of my clients came to me deeply stressed out.  As head of a young children’s school, she was working without a co-director (who was on maternity leave).  My client had to cover for a number of teachers who were ill or vacationing.  She was running around trying to cover work gaps without stressing her team further.  Performance reviews and state inspections were coming up so there was lots of preparation and extra work.  Oh, yes, and she’s the mother of three children herself.
She was meeting with her supervisor so I asked her what she would most like to have her supervisor say.  She said she wanted two things:  one, encouragement from her supervisor that as long as things got done, that she didn’t have to get everything done perfectly; and two, help in getting some extra activities off her plate.

I coached her on how to address her supervisor without getting overly emotional.  By the end of our coaching, she was preparing a list of things to ask, and a practice ‘asking’ session with her supportive husband.

If you’re going through a period where you’re completely stressed out with your schedule and your life, it’s good to take a step back and assess.

What can you take off your plate?

There are times in life where you just have to either ask for help or let some things go.

If you’re a giver or a perfectionist, this is truly hard.  Be careful you’re not holding yourself up to impossible expectations or something you wouldn’t expect from anyone else.

What are a couple of non-essential activities you can delegate or let go, to allow yourself time to de-stress?

One of the biggest stress inducers for virtually everyone is not taking time between different activities to transition from one activity to another.

So, literally, give yourself a break.  Heck, give yourself several breaks between different activities.  Delegate or let go of some non-essential tasks.

And may your pursue your path with passion, purpose, power, and PEACE…

Best wishes,