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Sometimes I am blown away by my clients’ wisdom.  In the last week my clients have said or written words that are poetry to my ears.

In my prep forms in-between sessions, I usually ask:  “What did you learn about yourself that is new?”

Here’s what one client wrote after her first session:

“Spirituality is a huge untapped pool of strength within me that I want to become more familiar with. I realized that the main reasons I wanted to pursue life coaching are now completely different.  I’m excited to learn more meditative/spiritual practices that make me feel more grounded and familiar with myself.”

I define spirituality as any beliefs or practices that sustain you during challenging times and help you maintain a balanced and hopeful perspective about life at most times.

It’s not unusual for a person’s challenges, dreams and goals to change during life coaching.  Assisting clients to access their spirituality is a core part of coaching for me.  I  want all my clients to leave with a greater sense of confidence in themselves and with techniques that help them access their untapped pools of strength.

So what sustains YOU when the going gets tough?  Do you have a wisdom tradition you consult, a circle of allies you contact, a meditation or exercise program, a ritual you do to calm yourself down?   All of these can be part of a personal spiritual practice.

This week I invite you to take a moment to become more familiar with yourself, as my client said.  Find a quiet space, light a candle, have a cup of something warm and relaxing, and ask yourself, “What strengths do I have I can bring more fully into my life?”

And may you all pursue your path with passion, purpose, power and peace.

Best wishes,