Nature filmmaker Louie Schwatzberg says, “We protect what we fall in love with.”

Think about all the things and people you love this lifetime.

When one of my elderly cats sleeps on my lap in the sunshine, I feel protective of her.  Her pale blue eyesight has never been the best.  Her white coat mats easily and her eyes water.  The water from her eyes collects dust and dirt on her face, leaving her looking like she’s crying mud. She may have some arthritis since she takes extra time before she jumps up or down on the radiators scattered around the house.

She isn’t young and perfect anymore.  She doesn’t complain (except when I’m late in feeding her treats…)

As the Skin Horse says to the Velveteen Rabbit in the children’s story, “But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”

Lily is very affectionate.  When I picked her and her sister, Molly, out of a litter fifteen years ago, my work colleague said that she was the kitten most likely to greet her and to sit beside her on the couch when she came home from work.

And so I have found her.

She’s always been a cat who likes to cuddle with me.

While I know she won’t live forever, I want her life to be as good as possible.

Who or what do you treasure? What is your best and most loving vision for them? What is “Real” to you about them?

In this Thanksgiving week, take time to treasure who or what you love and thank them.  None of us will be here, in this form, forever.

Imagine extending your feeling for who and what you treasure to the rest of the world.  Every part of our world deserves protection—and needs love.  It, too, is transitory in its form.

May you pursue your path, appreciating who and what you love,

Best wishes,


P.S.  There’s a lovely 10 minute TED talk/film on gratitude by Louie Schwatzberg at: